In a video allegedly surfacing from Mash News on Telegram, a Russian man and his grandmother can be seen driving on a dirt road when they are stopped by two Middle Eastern men speaking broken Russian. The two men can be seen approaching the vehicle with a baseball, commanding the car to leave the area. After the Russian man defends his right to be on the road, the Muslim aggressors begin to try and open the passenger door, to which the babushka exclaims in alarm and the Russian man begins to drive away. 

However, a moment after he reaches what appears to be at least 25mph, the grandmother screams, “He is hanging on the car!” to which the Russian man yells, “Fuck off!” After a satisfying thump, it is clear that the Middle Eastern man had let go of the car and may have even been run over by the vehicle. 

Watch the video: 

Muslims comprise approximately 15% of the Russian population, a number that has steadily grown in the past century. Some federal subjects of Russia such as Chechnya and Dagestan are predominately Muslim, placing the subject of accepting or rejecting Islam as an aspect of Russian heritage an incredibly controversial topic. The broken Russian of the two perpetrators in the video, however, begs the question whether they are Russian nationals or not. 

There is a lesson to be learned here: Russians don’t put up with nonsense. To be told that one cannot drive on a public road for no discernible reason by two foreigners is something that this Russian man and his grandmother will not tolerate. The ethical nature of Islam itself is reprehensible, as traditionally Muslim countries boast extraordinarily high rates of domestic abuse, pedophiliac tendencies, and incest

What would you do if two foreigners approached your car with a baseball bat? The Russian man certainly handled the situation well, and preserved both his safety and his grandmother’s.