VIDEO: Walking Through Islamic Germany In 2017


In 2005, Germany was defined as a “country of immigration” by Chancellor Angela Merkel. The German leader expressed her desires to see “a culture that would be more welcoming towards refugees,” and in 2017, declared that there would be “no upper limit” on the amount of foreign nationals accepted as refugees by the German government. In limiting the influx of refugees to Germany, the German government has provided an extremely strong basis for the statement that white Europeans will be a minority in Germany by 2050.

On September 9, 2017, a German citizen took it upon himself to film a common experience for those who live in Munich. Walking in a pedestrian area, he films the city-life around him, which is filled with hijab-wearing women bundled together, non-European men filling the tables on the street, and an astonishing lack of native German citizens. The predictions of far-right voices concerning the danger of mass immigration is coming into fruition today.

Despite the voices of city officials claiming that they are at their limit with coping with the massive influx of tens of thousands of foreign nationals entering into urban areas as early as 2015, the federal government as elected to continue receiving copious amounts of migrant allocation at the whims of the European Union. 

Mass immigration from foreign countries to Germany has greatly affected the day-to-day lives of the German populace, with approximately 10% of the European population has been born outside of European countries, effectively meaning that 1 out of every 10 citizens of Europe are non-natives. This poses a severe threat to the integrity of German culture and civilization, due to the inevitable result of multiculturalism that detracts from a country’s culture in favor of a festering cesspool of flavors and identities.

There must be a cap on the amount of refugees allowed into Germany, otherwise history will repeat itself and an influx of barbarians will result in the downfall of a mighty civilization. End mass immigration and instead allocate concentration on the betterment of one’s own society, rather than the dilution thereof in the name of guilt that should not be placed around the necks of the German people.