Another day, another frightening video from the frontlines of the invasion of Europe. This time the madness occurring on a small tourist filled beach in the port side Spanish town of Cadiz yesterday afternoon.

Here is the footage one shocked beachgoer who was there with their family took.

Southern Spain has always been an attractive target for these migrants as it is so close to the northern tip of Morocco.  In situations like this there is not much the authorities can do, as the groups always quickly scatter into the city before the authorities can arrive.  Which is exactly what happened yesterday according to witnesses there on the beach.

Here is another amateur video taken from the same landing.  This one from a slighter closer viewpoint.

Unfortunately like the rest of Europe scenes like this aren’t that rare in Spain anymore.  In fact Spanish police detained almost 20 migrants just yesterday trying to enter mainland Spain.  These migrants were found using sniffer dogs and thermal imaging, and had been riding in carnival lorries, hiding out in bumper cars and the ghost train of all places.

Both of these events of course happening only just two days after 200 plus migrants attempted to storm the border from Morocco into Spain, injuring a border officer in the processes.


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