It’s the type of simplistic story hook that a child might find clever. Taking the idea of modern day African refugees and turning the concept on its head. While no one in their right mind actually believes we’re going to suddenly see masses of White Europeans cramming themselves onto small boats hoping to escape to Africa in the coming years. That hasn’t stopped the German and South African governments from financing a film based around just that idea.

This made for TV movie entitled, “Break-Out To The Unknown” will air in Germany this coming February. The film’s creators state that it will, “tell the tale of a near future family fleeing a totalitarian system under life-threatening circumstances. In this future, Europe has collapsed into chaos as Right-Wing extremists have taken power. The formerly democratic state of Germany for example has become a totalitarian system that persecutes dissidents, Muslims and Homosexuals. As a lawyer, Jan Schneider has taken the side of dispossessed victims. When he learns that the regime intends to put him in prison once more, he decides to flee along with his family. His goal is the South-African Union, which is enjoying political and economic stability after a recent economic boom.”

A promotional image from the upcoming film.

A few obvious problems come to mind when reading this description. There is of course the simple ridiculousness of South Africa ever again facing political and economic stability in the near future. Or for that matter ever welcoming a new White population into the country again, when they have spent the last few decades chasing their entire White population out. In a policy of violent institutionalized racism that continues to this day. 

Another problem is the continued assertion that Right-Wing has to equate to totalitarianism in the first place, despite the fact that many modern Conservatives simply stand for principled small government. The very opposite of the many Left-leaning totalitarian big government’s that exist today.

One aspect that does ring true in the films description however, is the concept of Germany having become “a totalitarian system that persecutes dissidents.” As a country that uses its tax money to create blatant propaganda films like this, and just this past week began enforcing ridiculous “hate speech laws” aimed at clamping down on Right leaning political thought. It would seem as if this is exactly what Germany already is. Which leads me to think that if a mass White exodus of Europe is indeed coming in the near future, it’s much more likely going to be caused by those trying to escape the Far-Left than the Far-Right. That said, hopefully those brave migrants of the future escaping their Antifa led government’s can choose a better final destination than Africa. 

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