Hungarians all over the country today will see the smiling mocking face of billionaire financier George Soros today. But it’s not in a fashion that Mr. Soros is happy about. Instead he will be visible on official government posters that feature his likeness along with the words “Don’t let Soros have the last laugh.” You can see them for yourself here in the image below.

In an effort to preserve their nation and its culture Hungary has opted for the seeming opposite approach of other European nations, directly challenging one of the key forces behind the never ending migrant waves crashing into European shores. The government of Hungary under Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been a vocal opponent to the pro refugee stance taken by almost all his fellow EU member nations. His party officially declaring the continued efforts to permanently mass settle migrants into the EU as the “Soros Plan”.

For his part, Soros has labeled the campaign as nothing short of a vast conspiracy against him. What most be most troubling for the globalist billionaire however, is that the one European country not seemingly buying into his vision, is his own home country as Mr. Soros is a Hungarian native. Surely he will have a “rare chance” to make his voice heard soon though. Through the upcoming official government questionnaire being sent out to every citizen of the country, as part of a “national consultation” on the topic of Mr. Soros and his efforts.

According to those that have seen the document in question, it contains seven key accusations against Mr. Soros including that he wants “every EU member state to pay nine million forint in mandatory state aid for every immigrant.” Other claims include the Soros plan calling for “opening borders completely and ensuring milder criminal sentences for immigrants.” The pamphlet also suggests that Mr.Soros is using his personal fortune and connections to publicly attack and punish countries like Hungary that dare speak out against his agenda. Other reports indicate the leaflet states, “The goal of the Soros plan is to diminish the importance of the language and culture of European countries in order to make the integration of illegal immigrants happen sooner.”

Ahead of this “national consultation” the government will be pushing a coordinated education campaign about the Soros plan including both billboard and TV ads nationwide. While the mainstream press here in the U.S. tows the Soros backed line of wild “conspiracy theories”. It doesn’t change the fact that at least one nation is directly calling out the kingpin of globalist forces. It’s just slightly amazing we live in a time where a small country of no real overall world significance is now leading the resistance against the forces destroying any semblance of European culture and heritage.

While we wait in hope for an administration here in the U.S. that would be so equally bold as to go after Mr. Soros directly. Let’s keep in mind that despite his public denials, his own organizations are not even that settle in their agenda. His Open Society Foundation for example almost directly stating on their website they work across borders to channel migrants into target nations. Let us also not forget that Soros has a long history of profiteering on national suffering. He is “the man who broke the band of England” after all, making nearly a billion dollars during England’s financial collapse on Black Wednesday. More relevant to today though might be his connection to Michael Chertoff and OSI Systems, who some believe to be the real manipulators behind the Vegas attacks or at least if nothing else set to profit handily off them.

In the end, whatever the truth about Soros specifically, it’s just a refreshing change of pace to see a European nation say no to mass illegal migration and globalist influences in general. Hopefully this might be the start of a new trend in Europe and elsewhere.

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