A pen-sized flamethrower, more of a blowtorch really, for women to use against potential rapists went on sale in Guangzhou, China this past Monday.

The device is 8 inches long, but can spray flames up to 10 inches. 

One employee says, “We are opening an online store to develop retail business in 2018, and carrying out marketing activities to raise awareness.”

Who needs a gun when you have a flamethrower? Well…blowtorch, but still… a spicier take on the taser, which is so popular with people today for non-lethal self-defense.

She continues, “We hope all the women can defend themselves adequately and legally. Once a woman becomes aware of the sexual attacker, she can use the flamethrower to alarm him and protect herself.”

With such an unusual self-defense device, market penetration could go either way, customers might decide to use a taser instead because of the possible chance of injury, or they might see it as a useful tool for defending themselves.

Although, having your own weapon used against you can happen in any situation with almost any weapon. Keeping this in mind is important to become accustomed to whatever it is you use for protection.

Nowadays, women should make an effort to protect themselves, with increasing sex attacks and riots in Europe, as well as other places experiencing an influx of low IQ invaders who grew up in an actual rape culture.

One customer gives her testimony saying, “I think this flamethrower works. Since I live alone and get off from work late, the flamethrower can protect me from threats. I will buy one if it is safe enough to carry with me.”

Of course, safety is a big issue, and a flamethrower might seem excessive or overwhelming; however, this company appears to have their bases covered by diversifying their product into the smokers market, which is very big in China, by selling creative new kinds of lighters.